Breastfeeding Support Testimonials

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Siobhan was our doula for the birth of our baby and also provided support to my partner and I in the early weeks after Anna was born. We had hoped for a natural birth, but after induction I gave birth by caesarean section. Siobhan was with us during the whole process and her help and advice was invaluable.

Before the birth, Siobhan importantly provided me with peace of mind – the reassurance that she would be there during contractions at home and at the hospital no matter how busy the labour ward might be. In spite of the induction I had a very positive experience at Kingston Hospital and felt well cared for throughout the birth.

However from the moment Anna was born, Siobhan immediately became the most important person for me to turn to for advice: She made sure I breastfed Anna as quickly as possible, helped me with the latch, and offered encouragement.

During the time of recovery in the postnatal ward, we ran into problems with breastfeeding: Siobhan was the one who spotted the tongue tie which prevented Anna from feeding properly on the right breast and she told us how to get the problem sorted very quickly.

Due to the caesarean, my milk did not come in very quickly, so after coming home from the hospital, we noticed that my nipples had become so sore that I needed to give them time to heal. A transitional solution had to be found: within minutes Siobhan came over even though it was late at night and helped us to formula feed Anna while at the same time giving us advice on how to make sure we did everything to get my milk to come in.

The first week turned out to be a very busy and stressful time for us and it was down to Siobhan that I was able to continue to breastfeed Anna. She came over to sit with us when Anna had forgotten how to latch on properly and she gave us all the encouragement we needed to keep going. I am absolutely sure that without Siobhan I would have given up breastfeeding at some point as we encountered several obstacles along the way.

Anna is now 4 months old and breastfeeding her has become really easy and the most amazing experience that I would not have wanted to miss. Both my partner and I are very happy to recommend Siobhan and cannot thank her enough for all the help she has given us.

Charlotte Harris

I can honestly say that Siobhan’s help and support changed everything for me and enabled me to approach motherhood in the way I wanted after quite a difficult experience with my baby’s birth and first hours. I do not know what we would have done without her. Not only did she equip us with physical skills and invaluable practical advice, her emotional support and attitude made everything “OK” again. I hadn’t bargained on having any difficulties with breastfeeding but found myself in a situation where the hospital and midwives just weren’t helpful and suggested that my baby may not breastfeed. Siobhan came to the rescue – quite literally and after speaking on the phone – she had not even been my doula but her number had been left as an emergency when my own doula went away. She came to my house and spent a Sunday afternoon being with us, calming us, advising us and making all of us feel safe and able to cope. From then on, she stayed in constant touch, quite of her own accord, helped us through the decision to have a tongue tie cut and thanks to her, our baby breastfed beautifully within a few weeks. Siobhan’s ability to care is indeed very special and I feel totally blessed to have had her help and support and very privileged to know her.

Anita Daly

Siobhan was the best gift we could have ever had other than our baby. I am an older Mummy and after trying for 8 years I needed only the best to help me with my baby during the first few weeks of her life. The midwives at the hospital could not get my baby to latch on and gave up and left me thinking that breastfeeding was not going to work….then Siobhan came along to the hospital, knew exactly what to do…. and within seconds had my little one latched on and started on all the goodness there was on offer. Siobhan was an absolute Godsend at a time when we needed the right advice and expertise quickly, she spotted the jaundice very early and the flushed it out with breast milk, she was absolutely on the ball about everything!! At first breastfeeding was challenging but with Siobhan’s support and amazing tips that were just excellent and genius, I got through the difficult times. I did think at 2 weeks how on earth I would make it to 6 months but with Siobhan’s support I am 2 years down the line and still breastfeeding my little girl. It’s the best thing I could have ever done as my 2 year old is always healthy and happy. My little one has breast fed during her life on beaches, flights, boats, in restaurants, in cafes, shops, everywhere and anywhere. Thank you Siobhan for enabling me to give my precious baby dudu (breast milk) and the confidence to carry on. Keira has a lot to thank you for and so do we.


Siobhan was a fantastic doula and also provided excellent breastfeeding support in the days and weeks following my baby’s birth. I know a lot of people struggle with breastfeeding so I feel very fortunate to have had Siobhan’s expert advice and guidance and I’m sure it’s one of the reasons why I’m still breastfeeding 7 months on.


Siobhan was our doula for birth of our twins. Unfortunately my planed water birth wasn’t possible and due to complications we needed an emergency c-section. With my little girl in intensive care and me undergoing a blood transfusion I was exhausted and an emotional wreck. Siobhan was beside me all the time – she held my little boy on me and got him latched on while I recovered. Initially my little girl wasn’t able to latch on but we persevered and with Siobhan’s guidance we hand expressed colostrum for her and then on day three she did it! Six months later and we have two happy healthy twin babies who have been exclusively breast fed and are still going. I will always remember Siobhan, especially at the beginning when she was a shining light guiding me through a tough time. I know that without her my babies would never have had the chance to breast feed. On top of that I never had one sore nipple! xxxx


Siobhan gave my partner and I invaluable support in the early days. We had no idea our daughter had a tongue tie- the hospital had missed it completely; but within 48 hours of Siobhan’s first visit, it had been removed. I have loved breastfeeding ever since and am still going strong six months later. Siobhan also provided fantastic post natal doula support and advice to me.

Holly Maison

After seeing 101 people to help me with breastfeeding, I was recommended Siobhan by a friend and I can only wish I contacted her earlier! She gave me time, encouragement and the best breastfeeding support I could’ve asked for. All I can say is Thank you. I am still exclusively breastfeeding and LOVING IT 6 months on! Your number is on speed-dial for my next baby!!!! Holly xxx

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