Doula Client Testimonials

Baby1 Baby 2 baby 3 baby 4 baby 5 baby 6 baby 7Pippa1bigsisterandbaby2babylookingatcameraP1110679“Dear Siobhan
I know I have thanked you in person, but I wanted to convey my gratitude to you once more for all the wonderful support you gave me throughout my labour and birth, as well as the many hours you spent with me antenatallay preparing me for what was to come!
You made my birth experience such a positive, calming one and gave me strength when I thought I couldn’t carry on. I wish I had you at my previous 2 births.
Thank you”
Third baby, March 2009

“Many, many thanks for all the help and support you gave us in achieving the birth we wanted for Alasdair and helping me get so much more out of the experience than the last time. You knew exactly what to do on the day to make things better and it was lovely to have somebody wo cared so much in the days after the birth when I was struggling with breastfeeding. Good luck in your career as a Doula, though I doubt you’ll need it.”
Second baby, April 2009

“I just wanted to tell you how fantastic I think you are. Alison has been so lucky to have had your fabulous support over the past 4 days of her labour and birth. You dedication and commitment have helped her to achieve all she has. You have definitely made my job so much easier and I would love to be at another birth with you in the future.”
Midwife from Albany Midwifery Practice

“All I can say is THANK YOU. You really and truly made my transition into motherhood a wonderful experience.”
First baby, April 2009

“I suffered from post natal depression with my first child and was very worried that I was going to suffer really badly again with my second. Siobhan came highly recommended and was a complete god-send! She gave me confidence I needed and reassured me when I was questioning myself as a mum. She helped around the house and helped get me out and about with 2 small children – something that would’ve taken me weeks to achieve. Just knowing that she was coming helped take the pressure off and her company was wonderful. You transformed my whole experience.
A tip for all future mums-to-be…..GET A DOULA!”
Postnatal work: 4 year old and newborn, November 2008

“I want to thank you for everything you did for Hannah and myself and of course baby Maisie. You were with us every step of the way through 39 hours of pain, tears and joy and helped reassure both myself and Hannah in times of uncertainty. We not only gained a beautiful baby girl, but we gained a friend in you, thank you!”
Second baby, February 2009

“Even though I didn’t have the entirely “natural” birth that I was hoping for, Siobhan gave me the confidence and reasurrance that I was making the right decisions and this ultimately made my birthing experience a positive one. I felt so empowered. Thank you Siobhan, I was so honoured to have you as my Doula!”
First baby, December 2008

“Siobhan came recommended through my local GP and she was a huge help as I struggled with a difficult newborn and a toddler.
She juggled her diary to accommodate me when she heard the desperation in my voice and from the moment she walked through my front door she offered support both practically and emotionally. Siobhan is approachable and friendly and fantastic with kids – I cannot recommend her highly enough. I miss her!”
Postnatal work: 2 year old and newborn, June 2009

“Thank you so much for all your help. You were such an amazing support throughout the labour and birth. We really do feel that we would have had a very different (negative) experience without you there.
Still mulling over a home birth for the next one, but one thing is for sure – we definitely want you to be there with us each step of the way! Lots of love”
First baby, July 2009

“I just want to start by saying that there is nothing I can write here that can fully express both my families and my own gratitude to Siobhan for the support she gave us during the birth of my daughter Lilia Faith. I strongly believe that the role she played as my doula from January to July of 2009 was a significant factor in ensuring that I not only had an extremely positive birth experience, but was also able to successfully establish breastfeeding in the weeks that followed.
As a busy full time teacher, with family living 300 miles away and about to become a single Mum, I needed a doula who I completed trusted to give me excellent advice and support, as well as motivate me to do the things I often forgot about e.g. look after myself! After meeting Siobhan for the first time in January 2009, with her cheerful, confident and reassuring personality, I knew straight away that she was the lady who fit the bill.
The antenatal care given to me by Siobhan was invaluable. Not only did she attend antenatal classes and a tour of the hospital birth centre with me, she also sent me regular emails to remind me of things that I should be thinking about which I found very encouraging and motivating. Siobhan ensured she met my family when they visited me in London and immediately put them at ease when they saw I was in very capable hands! She advised me when I put together my birth plan, making sure that I considered as many options as possible when making my choices and discussed at length with my sister, who was my birth partner, how she too could support me during labour.
As I went overdue by nearly two weeks, I turned to Siobhan for advice on getting labour started and induction options. Siobhan was in contact with me nearly every day during this period, offering suggestions to try and get the baby moving and advising me on my choices when the hospital started talking about inducing me. She sent me lots of useful information and internet links so I could thoroughly research my options. I believe that Siobhan’s input into my decision making helped me to make the correct choices which lead to such a positive birth experience.
Throughout my labour, Siobhan followed my lead until I was at a stage where I entrusted her to guide me and take decisions for me. I strongly believe that Siobhan was able to do this so effectively as she had made such an effort to get to know and understand me in the 6 months that she had been my doula. As I completely trusted her judgments I was able to follow her instructions during labour without question or worry and I felt extremely comforted by her presence. These feelings were also shared by my sister who was with us throughout the birth. As soon as my daughter was born Siobhan encouraged and helped me begin to breastfeed, something I would have struggled to do without her there. I strongly believe that Siobhan’s presence and support meant that I was able to have the positive, quick and natural water birth I had hoped for.
The postnantal care my daughter and I received from Siobhan was again superb. Due to the hot weather, my daughter was extremely sleepy and struggling to feed properly and I was on the verge of giving up breastfeeding after just a few days. Siobhan spent an entire afternoon with us looking for solutions to the problems we were having, and subsequently I am still breastfeeding a very healthy and bouncing baby 6 weeks later!
Having Siobhan as my doula made me more relaxed, informed and confident about becoming a first time Mum, and I would absolutely recommend her first-class services to anyone who is looking for that extra-special support in a very exciting but quite scary time in their lives!”
Nikki, Mum to Lilia Faith, June 2009