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What is my personal birth philosophy?

Pregnant tummyBaby sleepingMum holding babymum and dad with new babypregnant tummy with writing saying boyMother and children in sunshineI am pro mother’s choice. No matter what decisions you make in your pregnancy, birth and life, as long as you have been accurately informed and make decisions that you feel are the right ones, then no matter what they are, I will support you all the way.

I believe that even though some women don’t believe that they can have a natural birth (for whatever reasons), there is something “built in” to all of us and giving birth is a natural and normal part of life and and with the right information and support you CAN do it!

However, I would like to emphasise that even though I feel that giving birth naturally & breastfeeding your baby is best for both of you, everyone is different (whether it be personal preference or medical reasons) and I feel that as long as you have the best birth experience you can, that’s what is most important and I would be more than happy to give my full support and help you make informed decisions, no matter what the circumstances.

My priority is to support you and your partner before, during and after your birth to ensure that it is as positive an experience as possible.

I spend time with you antenatally, getting to know you and your family and as your constant contact and companion during your labour and birth, I will do my utmost to keep you calm, reduce any anxiety you may have by ensuring you feel cared for emotionally and physically without feeling observed or judged when at your most vulnerable.

We are a team and as well as all of the above, I am there to help with massaging, breathing, encouraging different positions to help with an active labour. I am also there as your advocate and to help reinforce your birth preference and what you feel is most important to you during this time.

What hospitals / medical centres do I cover?

Kingston Hospital (KT2 7QB)
St George’s Hospital (SW17 0QT)
Epsom General Hospital (SM5 1AA)
St Helier Hospital (SM5 1AA)
Chelsea & Westminster Hospital (SW10 9NH)
Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital (W12 0HS)
Royal Surrey County Hospital (GU2 7XX)
Ealing Hospital (UB1 3HW)
King’s College Hospital (SE5 9RS)
St Mary’s Hospital (W2 1NY)
Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital (SE1 9RT)
The Portland (W1W 5AH)
The Birth Center (SW17 0QT)
Mayday University Hospital (CR7 7YE)
West Middlesex University Hospital (TW7 6AF)
Your home!

If you know of a friend or family member who is expecting a baby and who would benefit from having Doula support, please contact me to purchase that extra special, personalised gift! This is also a great idea for Baby Showers!