October 2008 Birth & Postnatal Doula Course with Nurturing Birth
February 2009 Advanced Breastfeeding Course with Pam Lacey (IBCLC – International Board Certified Lactation Consultant)
March 2009 Birth Crisis Workshop with Sheila Kitzinger
March 2009 Lisa Jackson’s Hypnobirthing Workshop
June 2009 Doula UK Birth Doula Recognition
November 2009 The Nurturing Project Seminars – Changing Paradigms – Exploring the
contemporary context of Postnatal Depression with Suzanne Colson & Michel Odent
March 2010 Dianne Garland Waterbirth Study Day
May 2010 Dr. Jack Newman Breastfeeding Study Day
July 2010 Health-E-Learning: Breastmilk Composition & Function
August 2010 Health-E-Learning: Anatomy & Physiology of the Lactating Breast
August 2010 Deborah Robertson (IBCLC) Study Day – Parenting Philosophies & Relationships Impacting Breastfeeding
September 2010 Deborah Robertson (IBCLC) Study Day – Challenges of Breastfeeding Beyond the Newborn Period
September 2010 Health-E-Learning: Position & Latching
October 2010 Deborah Robertson (IBCLC) Study Day – Skills for Counselling the Breastfeeding Mother
October 2010 Health-E-Learning: Breastfeeding Initiation & the First Week
November 2010 Health-E-Learning: Breastmilk, Lactation & Medications
November 2010 Deborah Robertson (IBCLC) Study Day – Breastfeeding in Difficult Circumstances
December 2010 Deborah Robertson (IBCLC) Study Day – Facilitating Fantastic Breastfeeding Groups and Classes
January 2011 Health-E-Learning: Ethics for the Lactation Consultant
March 2011 ABM Breastfeeding Peer Supporter
March 2011 Home Birth Study Day with Marie Coveney
May 2011 Breastfeeding Study Day with Maddie McMahon
October 2010 Breastfeeding Training through La Leche League at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
October 2011 Qualified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
March 2010 Spinning Babies Workshop with Gail Tully
June 2012 OCN Sleep Training Course with MNT Traning
September 2012 Tongue Tie Study day with Alison Hazelbaker (IBCLC)
December 2012 A Day at the Breech with Mary Cronk (MBE)
February 2013 Practical skills to prevent and resolve malpresentation with Selina Wallis